Utah drivers hit 329 gates at rail crossings last year, UTA says


Courtesy Utah Transit Authority Examples from Utah Transit Authority cameras of vehicles hitting and destroying some of the gates at UTA rail crossings. An average of one gate is destroyed per day, costing the agency about $320,000 a year.

Repairs and replacements cost $320K a year, which the agency would prefer to spend on “other things.”

It is far from rare for motorists to crash into the gate arms at TRAX or FrontRunner rail crossings.

The Utah Transit Authority sees “an average of one a day,” according to Chief Safety Officer Dave Goeres.

More precisely, drivers crashed into 329 crossing gates last year, according to records The Salt Lake Tribune obtained through an open-records request.

Goeres said it costs his agency an average of $1,000 to replace or repair each crashed gate.

“So that’s $320,000 a year,” he said.

“We, as citizens of the Wasatch Front, are doing this to ourselves. We’re costing ourselves money by being inattentive or being in a hurry,” he said. “Give us that extra three to five seconds and then proceed through — saving $320,000 a year. We can do other things with that money.”

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