Salt Lake City Apartments, A Review

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We know how popular Salt Lake City is and there are more and more people are moving into the area meaning that the real estate property is quite tight. One of the ways that the city is coping with this is through apartment living. There are a large number of apartment complexes spread through Salt Lake City, and one of the largest is the Argyle Apartments.

Based in the heart of Salt Lake City, The Argyle is a residential apartment complex that is set on Main Street and convenient to restaurants and the local nite life. If you are not in the mood for going out the Argyle has views that extend obe=ver the city. The while not representative of all Salkly=t Lake City apartments, it does have the amenities that we come to expect in an upper-class apartment complex.

All apartments come equipped with high-speed internet, wide-open floor plans, modern wooden cabinets, and pool or courtyard views. The pool is long enough to be used for lap swimming. For convenience, it also boasts a fluffy and folds on-site laundry room and for an additional cost covered car parking is available. If you are looking for an apartment complex that has almost everything then this would be a must to take a guided tour.

Other apartment complexes are dotted around the city outskirts and you can find prices ranging from under 1K rent through to 41500 + depending on your preference of location and luxury appointments. The Irving school house is another local complex that also features a range of high-end amenities and that has apartments for around the $1,350 rental range.

If a price is an option when looking at Salt Lake City apartments and you are on a very tight budget the Argey is a small rental complex that has 6 units and rental can be as low as $700. The quality is not as upmarker=t as the others but the price point may be more on your budgets level. The Britany is another low-cost rental solution when looking for an apartment. Priced at $750 you can get a 2 bedroom apartment and the external amenities include a large swimming pool with a lot of seating area around it. Due toSalt Lake Cities warm weather you will get some distance for your dollars hanging out by the pool whenever you have some downtime. It is also very close to the city center.

As you can see from the above with Salt Lake City Apartments there is really a lot of different options when it comes to apartment living. On writing this article there were a number of rentals available in both large and small complexes. Again it will come down to what is most important to you. If you are tight on funds then one of the more budget options will work for you. If your money is not as tight then there are some that for a few hundred dollars a month, come with a raft of internal features and amenities. As far as location goes, the majot=rity of apartments in Salt Lake City is based on the side of the city that faces Emigration Oaks.

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